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Are you a busy educator looking for a way better to plan your weekly schedule? This planner was designed with educators like you in mind; it will help improve your time management skills. You will become more productive by scheduling time for meetings, phone calls, and other daily tasks. Routinely planning your work day is a creative way to clear your mind, release pressure, and accomplish goals. Planning is also a form of self-help to support positive mental health because it reduces stress and promotes mindfulness. This planner would make the perfect gift for busy educators and other school personnel who want to organize their workdays better.


The planner features:


  • 249 pages, 8.5 X 11”
  • A paperback, matte cover
  • 12, two-page blank monthly calendars
  • 52 weekly calendars; 4 pages per week
  • Space to record your goals for the year, birthdays, weekly accomplishments, and notes
  • Weekly goal trackers and to-do lists
  • Pages to keep track of usernames and passwords, in addition to plans for next school year

Weekly Academic Planner

SKU: TTK-010
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