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Dr. Tasha Thompson-Gray, a native of Chicago, IL, is an educator and children’s book author. She is very passionate about her career and the students she serves. Dr. Thompson-Gray’s love for books came from her maternal grandmother (Granny), an avid reader who took a book with her everywhere she went, in case she got a chance to read. Granny always made sure that Dr. Tasha had books to read. She took Dr. Tasha to the library, paid for book clubs and magazine subscriptions, and maintained an extensive home library. Following Granny’s advice, Dr. Thompson-Gray took books with her to read as much as possible.  Her childhood dance teacher called her a bookworm because Dr. Thompson-Gray read books while she waited for classes to begin. Dr. Thompson-Gray has maintained a love for reading and works hard to instill good reading habits in her students. She is now creating children’s literature that explores relevant topics.

Dr. Thompson-Gray is the mother of two adult children and an active member of her church. She coordinates summer programs that provide unique learning experiences for children in the city of Chicago. In her free time, Dr. Thompson-Gray enjoys spending time with family and friends and traveling. She is a graduate of Sherman Elementary School and Curie High School in Chicago. After high school, Dr. Thompson-Gray graduated cum laude from Alabama State University with a degree in elementary education. She also earned her Master’s degree and Doctorate from Concordia University.

Dr. Thompson-Gray achieved success with her first children’s book, The ABCs of Covid-19, which sold over 300 copies within the first three months of publication. This book reignited her creative writing skills, and she began writing her second book, My People are Innovative: A Story About African American Inventors. Readers can expect more books from Dr. Thomps0n-Gray soon.

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